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Please read carefully prior to submission
● Applicants must have consent of all individuals who appear in photos.

● Please refrain from posting images taken in an area prohibiting photography or images depicting the violation of public rules or laws in your home country or in Japan.

● Please refrain from using photo-editing applications or software. This includes (but is not limited to) adding artificial effects altering the original image.

● Please note that minor alterations, such as cropping and color correction, are permitted provided that the intent is not alter the appearance of individual(s) depicted.

● Entries will be posted on our website and may be selected for use in events related to Kawaii International. Please note that all submissions will not be featured on the television program. Following the selection process, please refrain from submitting questions, comments, or complaints regarding the published or unpublished media. We appreciate your understanding.

● NHK will not respond to any questions regarding which pictures or comments will be featured media. Additionally, NHK is not liable for any problems caused by the direct or indirect use of this website. Please note that the use of this website and responsibility for the media is the sole responsibility of the submitting individual.

● Prior to submitting images and/or media please carefully read this agreement. The submission of any media, indicates your agreement and are therefore bound by these terms and conditions.

● Only JPG or JPEG formatted files which do not exceed 100kb will be accepted. Entries larger than 100kb will not be accepted and will be declined by the submission system.

● Please post all submissions in English.




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Term of Use
● Eligibility Applications from both professionals and amateurs will be accepted. There is no minimum age restriction. Residents living outside of Japan are eligible as are Japanese nationals.
For all applicants, please carefully read these conditions of entry:

1. Include a valid e-mail address, which production staff can easily reach you, should such a situation arise.
2. Carefully read the terms stated below and comply with the stated rules and regulations.

● Terms and Notes All submissions may be used on the Internet, broadcasted programs, and all other forms of media at the discretion of Kawaii International.
All individuals must consent to their appearance in submitted media. Should the person(s) not be of the age of consent in their country of residence, a parent or guardian must agree to their appearance.
Images infringing on human rights or violating child protection laws will not be published.
Permission must be obtained in advance in the event of using copyrighted work, which is not owned by the submitting party or individual.

For further details, please refer to the Terms of Use for NHK WORLD-JAPAN's Internet Services.

Submitted media may be changed or edited to a reasonable extent. However, editing with the intent to alter the appearance of the subject is prohibited and will lead to disqualification.

Nicknames and written media may be changed by the judgment of NHK, according to the terms of use, stated above.

Entries should not directly or indirectly advertise any specific companies, products, or individuals.

Copyright, etc. in the content posted shall be handled as follows:

(1) Copyright shall be vested in the Poster, provided, however, that with respect to any content that is posted with Poster's consent to the Terms, NHK shall be entitled to use, free of charge, such content without limitation of period and/or archive the content and programs produced by use of the content for the purposes set forth below:

To use it for broadcasting programs and the Internet site of NHK;
To use it for public relations of NHK, exhibitions, study and research (including posting to external Internet sites);
To submit it to competitions, etc. within and outside the country;
To contribute to public projects within and outside the country upon NHK's sole judgment;
To broadcast it at stations or via CATVs within and outside the country;
To make use of it for events or other occasions within and outside the country;
To provide it for NHK's broadcasting related other media, such as books, magazines, DVDs;
To make use of it for any other media that may be developed in the future.

(2) In making use of such content posted, NHK may edit a content upon NHK's sole discretion by altering, omitting and so forth to the extent that such editing does not affect the truthfulness and credibility of the content.

(3) At broadcasting or publication of a content, the Poster's name or its designated name may be displayed after obtaining a consent of the Poster.

Please read the Terms of Use for NHK WORLD-JAPAN's Internet Services for further details.

The content may be changed or edited to the extent that it does not change the original intention or comment of the author.

Nicknames and posts may be be changed by the judgment of NHK, according to the terms of use stated above.

Entries should not directly or indirectly advertise any specific companies or products.

Please note that the winner must bear any costs or taxes incurred through winning the prize.
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